The Malta Maritime Pilots Cooperative congratulated Transport Malta for a job well done on the re-construction and installation of the two lanterns adorning the entrance of the Grand Harbour. The cooperative said that the recent works “strenghten the infrastructure of the breakwater and improve the aesthetic appearance of Valletta as well as that of Grand Harbour”

The installation of the two breakwater lanterns is another important milestone in the extensive rehabilitation process of the Grand Harbour.

The original lanterns, purposely designed and constructed to the unique measurements and requirements of each tower, have long been eroded and have been missing for decades. Following extensive research to retrieve copies of original plans from the archive drawings located at St. Spirit Archives in Rabat, Transport Malta has re-constructed and erected these lanterns respecting the original design and exact dimensions as originally proposed by the British Engineers.

The lanterns placed on top of the refurbished lighthouse towers are green coloured on the St Elmo breakwater (Starboard side) whilst the tower on the Ricasoli side is red coloured (Port side). This is in line with the original design and with the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) regulations. The new lanterns now provide a daytime visual navigational indication corresponding with that provided by the lights at night.

The installation of the lanterns complete Transport Malta’s €1.1million refurbishment project, initiated in 2009, of the two main breakwaters situated at the entrance to the Grand Harbour.