Maltese Ports
Malta’s maritime activity centers around its two main international ports – the Valletta Grand Harbour and the Port of Marsaxlokk. Both are capable of providing a comprehensive package of maritime services.
The Mediterranean Maritime Research and Training Centre was founded by the Malta Maritime Pilots with the primary objective of provide simulator and hand-on training in ship-handling techniques.
We offer a vast conveyance service in both inshore and offshore waters that includes crew changes, personnel transfers, delivery of ship spare parts, delivery of provisions, filming services and much more.
Pilot Boats
The Malta Maritime Pilots Cooperative has a fleet of six pilot boats built to the highest standards. These have excellent sea keeping abilities and can operate in all weather conditions (up to force 8-9) and in over 5m wave heights.

Message from the Chief Pilot

Welcome to the Malta Maritime Pilots Website
The role of the Malta Maritime Pilots is crucial for the efficiency, safety and the economic aspect of the Maltese Ports. With a good co-operation established between all parties involved with the day to day running of our ports, we are committed to give our utmost efficiency to guide ships in and out of our ports, having special regard to the safety and environmental aspects as well as to render the service in conformity with the Laws of Malta. In order to keep a high standard of work output, our main objective is a continuous professional development, but also delivering our experience to new joining Pilots to further enhance our competence at present and in the future., Capt. Jesmond Mifsud – Chief Pilot

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